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Advancing Your Business Interests Through Litigation

The more successful your business becomes, the more likely that you’re vulnerable to disputes, torts and other complex legal issues. Companies hire business litigation attorneys for a wide range of needs – including acting as a court representative as the defendant or the claimant. Proactive CEOs and business owners turn to business litigators in order to prevent litigation as well. Professionals who are experienced with how litigation springs up know how to craft contracts that minimize risk and resolve disputes before they get to court. The best business litigation lawyers are people who have worked on both sides of the courtroom – who have won massive settlements and helped their clients avoid paying them out. Experienced litigators have developed a full arsenal of strategies for the courtroom and the boardroom, have successfully resolved cases in arbitration, and have the wisdom to know which solution best serves their clients’ needs.

The Edge You Need

In Montgomery County, businesses have turned to Duffy North as their ally of choice because we offer the well-rounded, deeply experienced counsel their needs demand. We have served as the on-call advisers they need on a day-to-day basis but also offer the critical litigation some situations require. Our ability to understand your precise needs and how to meet them with maximum security makes us a powerful asset for your business. Business attorney Joshua Ganz has offered critical counsel to high-need clients such as the following:

  • Nationwide franchisers
  • Government organizations
  • Townships and boroughs
  • Educational institutions
  • Large financial institutions

Attorney Ganz has represented cases in all stages of litigation and has successfully resolved commercial real estate issues, labor disputes, partnership disputes, breaches of contract, business torts, product liability cases, and many, many more.

We Are Ready To Respond

Call 215-914-9939 or contact Duffy North online for an initial consultation on your case. We’re happy to provide you with the upfront, clear answers you seek.