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Put Corporate Laws To Your Advantage

As you prepare to form or merge a corporation in Pennsylvania, you will naturally want and need guidance through the necessary legal processes. When you are a client of Duffy North, we will not expect you to simply take our word for the steps you need to complete. Rather, we will dedicate the time needed to educate you so you will truly understand the path that your corporation will take. You will be ready to make the right decisions along the way as your corporation matures and settles into consistent growth and profitability.

Learn how to select the most advantageous corporate entity for your Pennsylvania enterprise. Get ready to elect the most qualified officers to lead your corporation with skill and conviction. Our business and corporate law attorneys have years of experience, deep knowledge and the persistence to help you achieve your incorporation goals on a reasonable timeline.

Things To Know From The Start About Your Corporation

Our Montgomery County-based attorneys can inform you every step of the way as you:

  • Select your corporation type. Will you create an S corp or a C corp? An S corp is known as a pass-through corporation because only shareholders are taxed on profits. The corporation itself is not taxed. A C corp is understood to offer the greatest protections for shareholders and officers, shielding them from personal liability related to the corporation’s activities. However, its profits are essentially taxed twice: The corporation itself must pay, and shareholders then also pay personal income taxes on the profit distributions that they receive.
  • Fulfill necessary incorporation processes. Our corporate lawyers can help you choose a name, designate a registered agent for the corporation, hold an initial organizational meeting, create articles of incorporation and get an employer identification number (EIN).
  • Make your organizational meeting count. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of completing a successful initial organization meeting. At this meeting of the minds, you will determine the share structure of your corporation, create bylaws and select initial officers. A well-done organizational meeting can set your corporation sailing toward success. Our lawyers can help ensure that you maximize the usefulness of each phase of the organizational meeting.

Enlist Our Knowledgeable Attorneys To Help You Form A Corporation In Pennsylvania

At Duffy North, our corporate and business law attorneys bring a wealth of knowledge about the legalities of our clients’ incorporation plans. Our clients bring their passions for the objectives of the corporations they are preparing to start. Together we work toward the fulfillment of the transactions necessary for a successful launch or expansion of each corporation, including corporate financing and the creation of necessary corporate contracts along the way.

Let us help you direct your officers, shareholders and other implementers in the fulfillment of your corporate goals and the completion of necessary transactions along the way. To get started, reach out to us online or call 215-914-9939.