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Drafting Employment Contracts And Resolving Disputes That Arise

It is important to carefully draft any and all employment contracts in order to avoid unintentional contract breaches and unnecessary complications. There is nothing to guarantee that all parties within an employment contract will respect the words of the documentation. Some people may deliberately or negligently violate an employment contract, leading to real harm and damages suffered by others.

If you are an employee or an employer who has lost substantial finances due to an employment contract breach, you can come to Duffy North for trusted representation for your pending civil litigation case. Our law firm has been serving the people of Philadelphia and the surrounding region since 1928, earning us a stellar reputation for excellence, client focus and case success. To learn more about our services and what you can do to protect your future and finances, contact us at your first opportunity.

Considerations And Damages In Employment Contract Breaches

A proper employment contract will describe everything that can and should be considered between an employee and employer relationship. Important aspects include compensation, pay, benefits and expectations. However, any portion or clause within an employment contract can become problematic when it is not followed, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Damages to consider in civil litigation originating from an employment contract include the following:

  • Wages lost due to unjust removal, reduction or reclamation of pay
  • Company funds lost due to fraudulent employee behavior
  • Finances lost through intentional employment contract breach
  • Reputation damage to employee or employer

Perhaps the worst form of damage that can arise due to a breach of an employment contract is harm to reputation and professional standing. Individual employees could struggle to find gainful employment. Businesses may not be able to form new partnerships or close deals. Civil litigation seeks to rectify all of these problems through courtroom intervention and a monetary award, which has been intricately calculated based on real and circumstantial losses.

When Litigation Over Contract Terms Becomes Necessary, Turn To Allies You Can Believe In

If your business must proceed through civil litigation, the legal battle can be tipped in your favor with smart pretrial preparation. Our Montgomery County civil litigation attorneys and employment law lawyers are well-equipped to construct a case from the ground up and explore all possible avenues to improve it, such as working with third-party experts when needed. We are determined to reach the best possible outcome for you or your company, and we would like to talk to you about how we intend on making that happen. Call 215-914-9939 to request an initial consultation with our team.