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Shareholder Dispute Representation

In the world of business, shareholders play crucial roles when it comes to keeping a company afloat and deciding how it should be managed. Since every shareholder has put their money, time and energy into their company, they should be permitted appropriate sway to run the business and be given ample information about what is happening with the company overall. Business owners, partners and even other shareholders may try to hedge out shareholders, causing what is known as a shareholder dispute.

At Duffy North, our business lawyers in Montgomery County are here to help you fairly settle a shareholder dispute, no matter the details behind why it came up in the first place. In situations where the other parties will not cooperate or real financial damage has been done to your pocketbook or the company’s coffers, we can also be tasked to act as your civil litigation attorneys. As a shareholder or business owner, you deserve to be respected and heard. Start your case now. Contact our firm today.

Business Owners Dealing With Shareholder Disputes

Duffy North and our civil litigation attorneys in Montgomery County can provide excellent legal counsel, guidance and representation for businesses and company owners in the middle of a shareholder dispute. Some shareholders can think selfishly and try to overexert their influence. Others are too insistent on sticking to a business strategy that will ultimately lead to profit loss or reputation destruction. We can help you resolve such sensitive cases by either negotiating in a conference room or litigating in a courtroom.

We have helped clients in shareholder disputes solve a variety of issues, such as the following:

  • Dividend payment failures
  • Unjust share acquisitions
  • Illegal stock transfers

Representation For Minority Shareholders

In many shareholder dispute cases that require civil litigation to solve, we are called upon to represent minority shareholders. In big and small businesses, minority shareholders find themselves at a disadvantage and sometimes at the mercy of majority shareholders, who get significant control over company organization and management. A minority shareholder can find themselves cut out of the company or lacking any influence in important decisions, leading to real losses that should be restored through compensation.

Majority shareholders can try to diminish minority influence by the following:

  • Using majority votes to fire a minority shareholder
  • Concealing important documentation in “majority only” records
  • Diluting minority influence by voting to sell even more stock to even more minority shareholders
  • Selling the company to a third party that will not offer public stock options

Smart Legal Solutions For Complex Civil Litigation

A shareholder dispute that leads to civil litigation is sure to dredge up both negative emotions and intricate legalities. You can have faith in the abilities of our highly experienced Montgomery County civil litigation attorneys to guide you through this difficult time with success. We have the knowledge and know-how to provide representation to shareholders and companies alike. Simplify your life by letting us manage your business law case. Call 215-914-9939 or email us.