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Trusted Representation For Contract Disputes

Although it is not required, many employers write out a contract for new employees or employees changing positions within the company. If you have been given a contract, developed a new employee contract or any other situation involving a new agreement, it is important to seek legal counsel to review this document. When your employer or employee breaks the contract or fails to fairly stick to the terms, you may want to pursue legal action. At Duffy North, our Montgomery County employment law attorneys represent clients in a wide range of breach of contract cases. Call 215-914-9939 for counsel!

Types Of Employment Contracts

Our Montgomery County attorneys are very familiar with the types of employment contracts and the potential violations. The three main types of employment contracts are oral, implied and written. Written contracts are the easiest to uphold in a lawsuit, but this does not mean the other types of contracts are invalid.

  • We offer representation for the following types of breach of contract:
  • Wrongful termination
  • Failure to provide promotion opportunities
  • Failure to provide proper compensation or any compensation
  • Violations of a noncompete agreement
  • Failing to adhere to any aspect of the contract

Providing Skilled And Resourceful Legal Counsel

Breaches of contract can be extremely stressful, especially when they have to do with financial loss or the loss of a job entirely. It can be difficult to remain calm while speaking with your employer or confronting an employee, especially if they are denying the contract breach. Our lawyers can help you bring the wrongful party to trial to seek damages. With our extensive knowledge in the field, we can put together a case that effectively illustrates your claim. We are dedicated to giving you and your case the time and attention you deserve. Instead of rushing through proceedings, we gather the necessary evidence to support your claim.

To set up an appointment for a complimentary consultation, give us a call at 215-914-9939.