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Providing Clear Disability Discrimination Counsel And Aggressive Defense

Nearly one in 10 people have a disability. In the United States alone, there are roughly 49 million people living with a disability of some kind. With the Americans with Disabilities Act protecting those with disabilities from prejudiced job practices or discrimination in public spaces, and an aging population staying in the workforce, employers need to ensure compliance with the ADA – or risk facing the consequences. Employers who do not provide reasonable accommodations to people with disabilities to their application process, hiring process, promotions, or termination process leave themselves vulnerable to discrimination lawsuits – claims that damage a business’ public profile, credibility and bottom line. Settlements for disability claims can include a wide range of damages. If you lose a disability discrimination case, you’re liable for:

  • Worker’s lost salary
  • Worker’s lost benefits
  • Worker’s emotional suffering
  • Potential punitive damages

The population of working people with disabilities is only going to grow. An aging population, combined with an economy that leaves workers retiring later and later, means all businesses need to consider their compliance efforts with more care than ever.

Duffy North Provides The Legal Solutions You Need

At Duffy North, attorney Joshua Ganz has provided businesses and large entities with compliance assurance, daily counsel and litigation services for nearly two decades. His clients have included nationwide franchises, government organizations, large financial institutions and other high-profile clients. Each of them turned to Mr. Ganz for ironclad legal solutions to protect their businesses and secure their futures – and he aggressively and strategically defended their cause.

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