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Experienced Wage And Hour Representation

In an increasingly litigious climate between employees and employers, ensuring compliance with the Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA) is more vital than ever – especially regarding wage and hour laws. According to a report commissioned by ADP, 90% of employment law class actions are wage and hour disputes. Taken from the top 10 settlements for wage and hour lawsuits, the average settlement was $34 million. The U.S. government is also taking a far more aggressive stance regarding compliance. ADP’s report indicates that up to 70% of employers are not in compliance with the FLSA, which has spurred the Department of Labor to consider issuing sanctions against violators. The Wage and Hour Division of the DOL developed extensive record-keeping regulations to help make finding violations easier for auditors. For employers who aren’t in compliance with wage and hour laws, there’s nowhere to hide – the only answer is in ensuring compliance for the entire company.

Find Your Solution With The Attorneys At Duffy North

Ensuring compliance and creating secure legal solutions are how Duffy North has helped hundreds of businesses throughout Pennsylvania. For nearly two decades, attorney Joshua Ganz has been a strategic partner for businesses looking to protect their assets and their bottom line. He has counseled dozens of large and high-demand clients, including nationwide franchises, state school districts, large financial institutions, insurance companies and more. The service he provides runs the gamut from day-to-day business counsel, consulting with regulatory issues, to serving as an aggressive and creative representative in court for litigation matters. He has been instrumental in securing countless victories for his clients, securing settlements for them or protecting them from costly litigation. For years, Montgomery County has known him as the ally businesses need for every situation. Call 215-914-9939 or contact us online for a consultation regarding your business’s wage and hour law compliance.