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Give Your Loved Ones The Gift Of A Plan

Too often, people find excuses for delaying their estate planning. They may think: “It’s too morbid. I don’t want to think about being old. I don’t want to think about being disabled. I don’t want to think about my own death.” The truth is, preparing for the inevitable does not have to be an unpleasant exercise. Estate planning, at its core, is merely planning ahead for a future reality. The question is: Will you be ready when it comes?

At Duffy North, we help people of all ages, incomes and stages of life to create estate plans and make important life decisions that benefit them and their loved ones in years to come. Our firm, with its office in Hatboro, has been serving the people of Montgomery and Bucks Counties since 1928. We are members of this community, with deep roots here. We take pride in helping you – our neighbors – plan for the future effectively.

Offering The Full Range Of Services

Taxation is an important consideration in any estate plan. How much of your life’s work will you be able to pass on to others, and how much will go to the government? The answer depends on your personal financial circumstances, as well as the skill and knowledge of your estate planning and administration lawyer. Our Montgomery County estate planning and administration attorneys are intimately familiar with state and federal tax laws, always taking them into consideration when creating estate plans for our clients. We help people accomplish their goals by creating customized planning solutions, which may include items such as:

Tailoring Our Services To Your Needs

Where some law firms create estate plans using standard forms and templates, we take the time to sit down with you, learn about your goals and then draft documents that are designed to accomplish those unique goals. Whether your estate is large or small, you deserve that kind of personal attention. We do not believe your life and your family’s future can be made to fit onto a fill-in-the-blank form.

Contact An Estate Tax Planning Attorney

Estate planning does not need to be something to dread. With the help of an experienced estate planning and administration attorney, you can create or update a plan that you can stake your future on. Whether you are looking for help with planning or executing a plan, now is the best time to reach out to us.

To learn more about how we can help you with any aspect of estate planning and administration in Pennsylvania, please call us at 215-914-9939. You can also contact our Montgomery County law firm online.