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Representing Clients In Complex Contested Will Cases

When a family member passes away, it can be an extremely difficult time for the entire family. In some cases, it may bring a family together, while other cases may involve heated disputes, confusion and frustration over how an estate plan was set up. Disputes between family members can lead to a contested will. At Duffy North, we strive to help families prevent will contests before they even occur, as well as represent them through such a heated and complicated time if necessary. If you are currently dealing with a contested will, our Montgomery County will contest attorney can help.

How To Contest A Will

There are many different grounds on which a will can be contested in the state of Pennsylvania. If you believe that you have grounds for a contest or if you have a family member who is threatening to contest the will in question, turn to our firm for help. We can ensure you are aware of your rights, as well as what to expect in any legal proceedings. Our Montgomery County estate planning and administration lawyer is here to ensure you are not taken advantage of.

A few examples of the grounds a will can be challenged on include:

  • Undue influence
  • Lack of capacity
  • Fraud
  • Insane delusion
  • Lack of proper formalities

Challenging The Validity Of A Will

If you sincerely believe that the will for your family member or loved one is not valid for any reason, speaking with a knowledgeable attorney is important. You have a limited time after your loved one has passed away to contest a will. Prompt action is vital if you wish to recover a lost inheritance or resolve a difficult situation. Our firm understands just how delicate will contests are, and we are dedicated to handling your unique situation with the utmost care and respect.

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