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Representation For Medicaid And Future Planning

Are you interested in taking action to plan for your future with Medicaid planning? When you meet with our Montgomery County elder law attorney from Duffy North, we can go over your individual goals and address any specific concerns you may have about your future. We want to ensure that your wishes will be known in the future, even if you are unable to communicate them for any reason. Each plan we put together is customized to your wishes and needs.

We have the experience and abilities to help you with the following:

  • Asset protection plan
  • Estate plan
  • Long-term care plan
  • Incapacity plan

What Is Medicaid Planning?

One area our firm focuses on is to help with elder law issues, including costs of future medical bills and nursing home costs. If you were to ever get in an accident or develop an illness, your needs would be covered. It is important that your assets are protected in such a way that if you were to need medical care or a nursing home, you would not have to spend all of your hard-earned money. This involves a careful structuring and transferring of assets to help you qualify for Medicaid in the future. As you can see, Medicaid planning is extremely important, and discussing your elder law issues as early as possible is essential.

Legal Representation You Can Trust

You should hire a firm that can represent your best interests and ensure that all bases are covered. With a stellar reputation in the community and a dedication to providing personalized and affordable legal care, our Montgomery estate planning and administration lawyer stands ready to help. We work with individuals and families to establish a plan that provides total peace of mind. Please contact us at 215-914-9939 to get started with a free consultation.