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Ensuring The Proper Care Of Your Loved One

If you have parents or grandparents who seem to be struggling with decision-making and taking care of themselves, you may want to consider establishing guardianship, giving you the ability to make decisions and take care of your loved one appropriately. The same is true if you have a mentally disabled adult in your family. Creating guardianship in Pennsylvania is a complex process.

Fortunately, the Montgomery County guardianship lawyers at Duffy North have vast experience in this area of law and are ready to help you understand the process. We understand that guardianship is a very sensitive issue in most families. You can be assured that the information you give us and the conversations we share will be held in the strictest confidence. Preserving the dignity of your aging or disabled loved one is the goal that we strive to reach in these matters.

Elder Law Attorneys Serving Your Family With Compassion

Lawyers at our firm have served as guardians in the past and have represented those appointed as guardians as well. Because of that experience, we are passionate believers in the idea that guardianships can be a very helpful way of preventing an elderly person from being taken advantage of. By vesting a trusted family member or another individual with the ability to make health care and/or financial decisions for your loved one, you can ensure that your loved one receives the care and protection they deserve.

Are There Guardianship Alternatives?

Guardianships do require court involvement and compliance with strict rules. Some families find that their goals are better met through other means. When you come to us, we will openly and honestly discuss whether any of these alternatives might fit your family better:

  • Health care power of attorney, which can be put in place if your loved one is currently able to make sound decisions and is able to designate someone to hold the power to make health care decisions for them in the future
  • Financial power of attorney, which allows your loved one to name someone to manage their finances
  • Creation of a trust, which allows a person to comprehensively plan for incapacitation

Do Not Wait To Speak To A Lawyer

Contact a Hatboro long-term planning lawyer to discuss the possibility of establishing guardianship over a loved one or one of the alternatives described above in Montgomery County. Please call 215-914-9939. You can also contact our Hatboro law firm online.