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Living Wills And Advanced Directives

When people suffer accidents or illnesses that leave them unable to make clear-minded decisions, it falls to their loved ones to make decisions in their stead. Unfortunately, few families prepare for such an event – leaving them mired in disagreements and obscurity about what your loved one “would have wanted.” When a loved one’s life is on the line, few families can handle the tension of making a decision that other family members vehemently oppose. Thankfully, our clients have never had to worry about this happening to them.

Through the use of advanced directives, also known as a “living will,” our attorneys at Duffy North, provide our clients with a legal document that explains their wishes clearly and without equivocation. It includes instructions for doctors and caretakers, detailing exactly how their loved one wants their end-of-life care to be handled. It will also designate a medical power of attorney, which leaves all their loved one’s medical decisions in the hands of a representative.

Living Will Vs. Traditional Wills

The purpose of a living will is to make your wishes clear regarding your own body – a traditional will clarifies your wishes regarding your belongings and accounts. The intent of a living will is to help you make decisions ahead of time, in the event that you are unable to make decisions for yourself. The difference between a will and a living will is enormous. Even if you have a will that designates how your estate will be handled upon your death, it may leave your wishes regarding end-of-life care entirely unclear. Would you want every possible effort expended to keep you alive?

Would you want to be taken off life support if you fall into an irreversible coma? Clients with a history of dementia or at risk for brain damage rely on living wills to empower themselves before they’re mentally incapacitated. Duffy North is proud to provide our clients with the peace of mind that comes from creating a living will.

Reach Out For Estate Planning Help You Can Depend On

If you or your loved one is concerned about how your life will be handled when you’re incapacitated, turn to our Montgomery estate planning attorneys for guidance. An initial consultation will help us understand your needs, lay out your legal options and provide you with an ironclad solution to secure your family’s future.

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