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Settling Disputes Over Estates, Guardianships And More Through Orphans’ Courts

The concept of orphans’ courts stems from English traditions of legally protecting widows and orphans – in other words, people who need help to retain their rights, primarily over financial assets. In Pennsylvania, orphans’ courts are divisions of courts of common pleas that make up the unified judicial system of the Commonwealth.

In Montgomery County, as in other counties throughout Pennsylvania, Orphans’ Court is the place to settle litigation over wills, estates, guardianships and more. The lawyers at our law firm, Duffy North, have a proven tradition of standing up for the interests of our clients and others, such as their deceased or disabled family members, through the orphans’ court.

Here To Handle The Legal Processes

In Orphans’ Court, our attorneys represent clients and their deceased, incapacitated or dependent loved ones’ interests in connection with:

  • Wills and trusts
  • Estates of living persons as managed by agents named in powers of attorney
  • Guardianships
  • Adoptions

Examples of estate-related disputes that we help our clients resolve include:

  • Will contests
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims involving executors and trustees
  • Financial elder abuse allegations

Our lawyers litigate cases involving the estates of living or deceased people. The estates in question in these cases include finances and real estate belonging to people struggling with illness, aging or dementia. The issues to be resolved have to do with possible misconduct of agents named in powers of attorney. On our clients’ behalf, we file petitions or respond to petitions through the orphans’ court, asking the court to rule that our clients’ funds should be reimbursed or defending them when they are challenged as fiduciaries under scrutiny.

Ultimately, when a case reaches its conclusion, funds from an estate should be directed to the correct beneficiary under the law – perhaps a person or a charity.

Let Us Help You Find The Way Forward Through Complications And Discrepancies

Regarding estates of people who have died, clients often say they are mostly interested in ensuring that their loved ones’ wishes are honored. However, there is also a very real monetary component of most orphans’ court cases. Our experience and commitment to quality representation reassure our clients as we work with them in pursuit of their goals.

To schedule a case review regarding orphans’ court litigation over an estate dispute, guardianship or fiduciary controversy, call 215-914-9939 or email us.