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Seeking Efficient Resolutions Of Probate Disputes

Following the death of a loved one, even the closest of families can find themselves embroiled in disputes over the distribution of the estate. Someone may feel unjustly left out of the will. There may be dissatisfaction with the way a trustee is administering a trust. In these types of situations, representation from an experienced attorney can make a major difference. At Duffy North, we have extensive experience handling complex probate litigation matters in Montgomery County.

Our clients include beneficiaries and heirs seeking to challenge or oppose a challenge to a will or trust. We also defend trustees and executors whose actions are being challenged. Practicing in this community since 1928, our firm and its attorneys understand the local probate courts, the expectations of judges and how to be successful in even the most contentious probate litigation.

Handling The Full Range Of Probate Litigation

Our Montgomery County probate litigation lawyers have handled everything from simple estate administration matters to the most high-stakes disputes. We seek efficient, cost-effective solutions to issues such as:

  • Will contests and trust litigation: The validity of wills and trusts is often challenged on the grounds of undue influence, lack of capacity, fraud, lack of witnesses or technical mistakes. We are capable of pursuing or defending against these allegations.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims: If you are a trustee, executor or personal representative who has been accused of fraud, theft, self-dealing, intentional mismanagement or incompetence, we can help protect you.
  • Contested guardianships: The establishment of a guardianship can be challenged. A guardian’s actions can also be contested any time there are allegations of certain types of misconduct.

Why Retain A Probate Litigation Attorney?

The probate courts of Pennsylvania have strict requirements related to deadlines for filing cases and properly documenting the legal issues. People sometimes lose the right to pursue their case because they made a mistake that an experienced attorney would have avoided. Working with a skilled estate administration and probate lawyer is the best way to maximize the likelihood of accomplishing the goals.

Contact A Will Contest Lawyer Today

If you are involved in a will contest, a trust dispute, or any other form of contested probate proceeding or complex estate planning and administration matter, we are here to help. Please schedule a consultation with our skilled lawyers by calling 215-914-9939. You can also contact our Hatboro law firm online.