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Efficient & Reliable Probate & Estate Representation

We know that the death of a loved one brings forth various legal matters that no one wants to handle while they are grieving. That’s why our compassionate and knowledgeable lawyers at Duffy North are committed to helping clients with a wide variety of probate administration and litigation matters.

If you have concerns about how your assets and other sources of income will be distributed to your heirs and other beneficiaries, then now is the time to consult with our legal professionals to discuss your situation so we can ensure your best interests are protected before it is too late.

Whether you have questions and need advice regarding a simple probate administration issue or need legal representation to litigate a probate dispute with a member of your family, we are here to provide reliable and efficient services each step of the way, no matter how complicated your estate plan might be.

What Is Probate?

When a person passes away, all of their assets and valuable property must go through a process called probate before they can be transferred to their beneficiaries. Probate courts check to see if the deceased party had a valid will naming an executor of the estate. If there is no executor for the estate, the court will appoint one to sort out creditor claims against the estate and distribute assets to beneficiaries.

How A Lawyer Can Assist with Probate & Estate

At Duffy North, we know that probate can be a long and complicated process, which is why we believe that our clients and their families deserve time to grieve without having to deal with legal matters. When you choose our law firm’s probate administration and litigation services, you can trust that we will guide you through each phase of the process and equip your estate plan with the all of necessary legal documents that you need to transfer assets and reduce tax liability. If your estate is contested during the probate process, know that our fierce team of litigation lawyers is here to represent your best interests in the courtroom.

Probate Services We Offer in Jamison

Our skilled probate attorneys are prepared to serve clients of all backgrounds, so whether you have a complex estate or simple estate, we can find cost-effective solutions for the following probate matters:

  • Probate Representation: We can prepare and execute your legal documents so that your estate is ready to pass through probate with minimal complications.
  • Probate Administration: If you need advice from a legal professional regarding legally appointing a will executor to distribute your assets, then don’t hesitate to meet with our attorneys to devise a comprehensive plan that explains how taxes should be filed, the priority of debts that need to be paid, and how assets should be distributed.
  • Will Contests & Trust Litigation: Do you want to challenge the validity of a will or trust? We can help you build a strong case so you can prove to courts that the legal document in question was either fraudulent, lacked witnesses, or contained technical mistakes.
  • Trust Administration: Do you want to create a trust to add funds and assets into so that your loved ones are taken care of after you pass away? Call us today so we can discuss selecting trustees and get started drafting all of the required paperwork you need to preserve your wealth.
  • Contested Guardianships: Are you worried that guardianship of a minor, special needs individual, or elder person in your life will be decided by the court? Let us review your situation so we can become familiar with your planning goals. We can draft all of the legal documents you need to ensure you can care for the vulnerable loved ones in your life when they need you most.
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims: We represent trustees, executors, or personal representatives who have been accused of breach of fiduciary duty. Get in touch with the legal advocates at our firm so we can help protect your rights.

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Probate administration and litigation are complex areas of law that require precision and extensive legal insight if you want to succeed in your legal matter. Our goal is to help you feel confident that your loved ones are taken care of when you are no longer around, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you live the greater Jamison area. Our team of experienced attorneys is here to advise and guide you through all of your legal concerns, so please speak to our legal professionals today so we can review your options and help you make informed decisions.

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