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Representing Buyers, Sellers, Landlords And Tenants In Real Estate Transactions

Our real estate law attorneys at Duffy North are equipped to facilitate buy-sell transactions, formalize lease agreements and resolve disputes involving residential and commercial properties. We never forget our clients’ underlying goals as they help them through the legal processes leading to the solutions they need. Our clients’ objectives are normally to build, buy, sell or lease homes or secure suitable workspaces that will allow their enterprises to thrive, grow and generate profits.

Our residential real estate clients include developers, brokers and private individuals. Our attorneys work with each client toward the completion of their objectives with the fewest hurdles and the greatest chances of success.

Our clients in commercial real estate cases include business owners, managers, financial institutions, investors and title insurance companies. Our lawyers help them clarify zoning, usage limitations, terms of contracts, insurance requirements and paths to resolution when disputes or challenges arise.

With Eyes On The Prize

We understand that both individuals and business clients who are landlords or tenants need to avoid delays, disagreements and breaches of contracts that they enter into, including:

  • Purchase-sale agreements
  • Residential and commercial leases
  • Service and maintenance arrangements and agreements
  • Finance agreements

Our attorneys’ experience and strong reputations reassure clients in need of residential and commercial real estate-related legal services. Our team expedites the fulfillment of their needs, which includes:

  • Drafting contracts
  • Reviewing and revising financing documentation
  • Procuring title insurance
  • Negotiating lease terms
  • Clarifying terms of use of our clients’ properties for lease or homes governed by homeowners associations
  • Compliance with regulations and obligations in connection with purchases and sales, such as bringing property taxes up to date or addressing toxic cleanup

When Title Insurance Is Part Of The Equation

When our real estate clients need title insurance, we can provide the necessary title services through a network of reputable title companies with whom we have established relationships.

The Voice Of Experience Speaks With Clarity

We are confident that new and potential clients will find our lawyers’ counsel reliable and efficient as they guide clients through the legal aspects of buying, selling or leasing residential and commercial real estate in Montgomery County or elsewhere in Pennsylvania.

To schedule a consultation, call us at 215-914-9939 or send a message online.