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If you keep making excuses to avoid creating an estate plan, then now is the time to get in touch with our experienced lawyers at Duffy North. We have assisted clients throughout the greater Warrington area with a wide variety of estate planning matters to ensure they have all the right legal documents necessary to transfer wealth and distribute property to loved ones and other beneficiaries. Our goal is to make the estate planning process simple for you, which is why we will take the time to sit with you and become familiar with the important details of your situation so that we can devise a strong legal strategy tailored to your unique needs.

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The skilled lawyers at our firm are dedicated to using our extensive resources to serve clients of all ages and backgrounds. So no matter what stage of the estate planning process you are in, we can provide the top-notch service and legal advice you need to create an effective estate plan that protects your best interests and the future of your family.

With a properly structured estate plan, you can:

  • Reduce Estate Taxes
  • Avoid Probate
  • Name Guardians for Minor Children
  • Avoid Family Disputes
  • Structure Special Needs Benefits
  • Gift Money to a Charity
  • Transfer Ownership of a Business

Dedicated Estate Planning Services & Representation

When it comes to determining your estate and tax liability, our seasoned lawyers at Duffy North in Warrington are familiar with the various state and federal laws that will impact you. That is why we account for numerous factors and scenarios to create customized estate plans for each of our clients to help them protect their legacies.

Contact our team legal team today if you need any of the following estate planning services:

  • Living Will / Advanced Health Care Directive
  • Medicaid Planning
  • Trusts
  • Last Will & Testament
  • Guardianships
  • Power of Attorney

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Our lawyers have encountered countless “DIY” wills that people try to make with various estate planning forms and templates they find online. Often, these documents won’t stand up in court. That is why you need to consult with a lawyer to assess your assets and finances to determine which legal documents you need to make sure your wishes are fulfilled when you are no longer around or unable to communicate.

Give us a call today at (215) 515-4439 to schedule your consultationwith our estate planning attorneys serving Warrington. We are here to explain all of your options so you can make informed decisions!

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