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An estate plan that considers and protects kids’ interests

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2021 | Estate Planning And Administration |

One of the most important goals for Pennsylvania parents is to consider and protect their children’s interests. If you are a parent creating an estate plan, you can provide security for your minor children in case you and their other parent pass away. Naming someone to act as the guardian of your children protects their interests into the future. Sometimes, it’s just as important to say who you would not want to act as guardian of your children.

As they consider their estate planning needs, parents of minor children should always consider who will be the guardian of their children should something happen to them.

Who should be guardian? 

As a parent, you make decisions for your child, care for them, make sure they get an education and much more. When making your selection of a guardian, you should consider who could care for your children long-term if you are unable to do so due to your passing.

Typically, a guardian is someone with ties to the family, such as a close relative or dear friend. Here are some points to consider when thinking about who should (or who should not) be a guardian for your children:

  • Does the person in question share the religious beliefs you want your children to be brought up in?
  • Do they share the same approximate geographical location, or do they live far away?
  • Do they have the consistency and stability to be a caregiver of children?
  • Will they be able to communicate well with the trustee of the children’s trust?

The right way forward 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for estate planning needs. If you are a parent, your children are a major factor in many of the decisions you make.

As you create an estate plan that suits your individual needs and goals, it may be helpful learn more about a minor’s guardianship and the specific things you need to do to make sure your kids have the support and care they need well into the future.

Give one of our estate planning attorneys a call to discuss your family’s specific needs.