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Fraud And Misrepresentation Litigation Firm

Contracts are only valid when all parties involved agree to the terms. However, if an individual makes a false statement that misrepresents the facts in order to induce someone to agree to a contract, this is fraudulent misrepresentation. If you entered a contract with a party or parties who engaged in purposeful misrepresentation, you deserve the legal counsel from a team that delivers strategic guidance toward effective solutions. At Duffy North, our Pennsylvania civil litigation attorneys pride themselves on providing the highest level of representation while minimizing the costs. Contact us today at 215-914-9939 to schedule a consultation.

Defining Fraudulent Misrepresentation

To succeed in your lawsuit against the defendant, your lawsuit for fraudulent misrepresentation must prove the following elements:

  • A representation was made.
  • The representation made was false.
  • The defendant knew the representation was false or made the representation recklessly and without knowledge of its truth at the time.
  • The defendant made the representation with the intention of letting the plaintiff rely on it.
  • The plaintiff relied on the misrepresentation.
  • As a result of the misrepresentation, the plaintiff suffered damages.

Additionally, there are multiple types of fraudulent misrepresentations through words. These include:

  • A person made an affirmative statement that is actually false.
  • A person tells a partial truth by concealing or omitting some pertinent facts.

Misrepresentation and fraud are civil offenses. You will have to take your case to civil court to attempt to recover damages. Typically, the court will remedy the situation through rescission, which means the contract or transaction will be treated as though it had never existed, and you will be brought back to the position in which you were originally in prior to signing the contract or agreeing to the transaction.

Civil Litigation Attorneys With A Track Record Of Success

If you are involved in a civil litigation dispute involving fraudulent misrepresentation, contact the legal team at Duffy North for the representation you deserve. Our attorneys approach every case with thorough preparation to determine the best options for the best possible outcome. Call us today at 215-914-9939 to discuss your case with us.