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Committed Probate Administration Representation

At Duffy North, in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, we assist clients in suburban Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks Counties who need to resolve simple probate administration issues and complex disputes concerning the execution of wills and the administration of trusts. Probate and trust administration matters can be complex, but our experienced attorneys are ready and able to assist you in choosing someone to represent your interests. For more information, call us at 215-914-9939.

Skilled Estate Planning Representation

At the heart of estate planning and administration practice is the notion that a person can appoint a representative to manage their affairs. The person designated to manage the affairs relating to an estate after the owner’s death is called an executor. The person who manages a trust that survives its founder’s death is called a trustee. We help clients appoint executors and trustees to serve in a variety of situations, including:

  • Probate representation. If desired, our attorneys can handle the details related to executing your will or otherwise probating your estate in court after your passing.
  • Probate administration. Likewise, we can help you choose and appoint a willing executor to handle the details of your probate process, including creating an inventory of your estate, filing tax returns, paying debts and distributing assets. This person can be almost anyone you choose.
  • Trust administration. Just as an estate survives its owner, a trust survives its founder. If you established a trust to benefit a loved one or organization, you need to choose a trustee to manage it after your death or incapacity. Our lawyers can help you complete the paperwork required to transform your choice into a binding duty.

You Can’t Plan After You’re Dead

This statement might seem obvious, but it is something many people seemingly overlook. The only time you can plan for your legacy is while you are alive. By appointing an executor for your estate, you will have completed an important step in ensuring your wishes are followed after you die. You have other options as well. While you are alive, you may also appoint an agent to manage your financial affairs or medical treatments through a power of attorney.

You may also appoint a guardian to care for the personal and financial needs of your minor or incapacitated loved one if you die or become unable to make decisions for yourself. There are other situations in which appointing a representative can be an advantage, such as when you need a trustee to manage a trust you have established or when you need an executor to manage affairs relating to your estate after your death. Please give us a call to find out more.

See How We Can Help

Many people are anxious about what will happen to their financial and personal legacies after they are gone. By hiring a reputable Montgomery County law firm to advise your probate and trust administration processes, you can gain peace of mind and a solid legal foundation to support your ultimate intentions. For more information, contact us online or call us at 215-914-9939.