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Dresher Estate Administration & Litigation Attorneys

Handling Complicated Probate Matters for Clients

Duffy North in Dresher has the team of seasoned estate administration and litigation attorneys you need on your side to address a wide variety of probate matters. Whether you need legal representation in probate court or want to challenge how the contents of a will were distributed, our dedicated lawyers will use our extensive legal resources and in-depth knowledge of the law to fight for your best interests. We understand that dealing with probate and other estate administration matters after the death of a loved one can conflict with the grieving process. That is why we oversee all of the complex legal matters on behalf of our clients so they don’t get overwhelmed during this difficult time.

Efficient Probate & Estate Administration Representation

If you are confused by the probate process and want professional legal advice to make sure estate assets are distributed fairly and trusts are properly administered, then get in touch with Duffy North today to discuss all of your options under the law. We know how important it is to have legal representation you can trust, and with guidance from our knowledgeable lawyers, you can feel confident knowing your legal matters are in capable hands.

Probate Cases We Take On

We offer comprehensive legal representation for estate beneficiaries and heirs who want to challenge the validity of wills or contest the way trusts have been managed by various parties. We also represent trustees and executors in court regarding lawsuits brought on by creditors, beneficiaries, and family members. Our reputation remains stellar in probate courts throughout the state of Pennsylvania, so please don’t hesitate to contact our law firm if you need help resolving any of the following probate matters:

  • Wills Contests & Trust Litigation: If you’re challenging a will or trust or believe that other legal documents were created under duress or through coercion, then you need a reliable lawyer to build a strong case that will stand up in court.
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims: Trustees or executors of estates who have been accused of fraud or theft should consult with our firm to discuss what we can do to devise a legal strategy tailored to your case needs.
  • Contested Guardianship: Challenging guardianship requires skilled litigators who are capable of tracking down the right types of evidence to substantiate your allegations.

Talk to an Estate Administration & Litigation Lawyer Today

If estate administration or litigation is stressing you out, then please speak to our committed lawyers at Duffy North to get the help you need to overcome your legal obstacles. We believe that our clients deserve top-notch legal representatives who will advocate for their best interests, so reach out to us today to find out how our full-service law firm can assist with your case.

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