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Helping Clients Draft Estate Plans & Resolve Legal Disputes

Our lawyers at Duffy North are familiar with the many different legal matters and various obstacles people must contend with after the death of a loved one. Handling complicated estate administration and litigation matters is the last thing the family of the deceased wants to deal with while they are grieving. That is why our dedicated legal team is here to assist clients throughout Warrington with any disputes they encounter regarding asset distribution, estate probate, and trust administration. Speak to an experienced lawyer at our firm today if you need advice for preparing your estate for the probate. We will use our legal skills and extensive resources to ensure your family and legacy are in good hands.

Probate & Estate Administration Legal Representatives

When you choose the knowledgeable lawyers at Duffy North, our legal professionals will guide you through each phase of the probate process. From executing your will to administering trusts you have set up for beneficiaries, our lawyers are here to make sure your estate affairs are properly managed and adhere to the specific wishes you have detailed in your legal documents.

Experienced Probate Litigation Lawyers

Our legal team has served beneficiaries and heirs in need of guidance for challenging the validity of a will or contesting the management of a trust. We also represent trustees and executors who are being sued by creditors, beneficiaries, family members, and other parties. Duffy North has a stellar reputation among probate courts throughout the state of Pennsylvania, and we can handle any of the following probate litigation matters:

  • Wills Contests & Trust Litigation: Do you want to challenge a loved one’s will or trust because you believe it was created under duress or through coercion? Our lawyers have the skills to build a strong case so you can challenge the validity of legal documents in court.
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims: If you have been designated as the trustee or executor of an estate and have been accused of fraud or theft, then you need to get in touch with our legal team so we can get started creating a legal strategy to protect your rights.
  • Contested Guardianship: Need assistance challenging guardianship? Our litigators can help you collect evidence to prove your allegations.

Probate Attorneys Serving Clients in Warrington

From filing legal documents to gathering evidence, probate administration and litigation matters can be very complicated and confusing if you attempt to go it alone. Our legal team is familiar with these issues, so we know which legal strategies produce the best results for clients. Please reach out to our firm today to discuss all of your options under the law.

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